Have You Met Our Amazing Youth Group?

Every Wednesday evening 30-40 Teens and Tweens crowd into our Family Life Center to share a meal, a devotional, and recreation. Seeing how these young people are growing in faith and service is truly a blessing! We need your help now to expand and deepen the Wednesday night program in 2 ways:

Children in K-4th grades – Many of the youth have younger siblings who want to come to our church, too. These children are invited to the Birthday Party for Jesus on Wednesday, December 15th. Then in January, we plan to launch a regular children’s activity on Wednesday nights 5:30-7:00, including a Bible lesson and recreation. At least two adults are needed each night. If you feel God calling you to this new outreach, please contact Nancy Spiller at 318-315-2356. There is a real need for ministry with this age group!

Small Group Discussions with Youth – For a richer experience, the youth will begin dividing into small groups for about 20 minutes following the devotional. An adult is needed for each group to informally talk about the devotional, share their own understandings and “God moments,” and, most of all, to listen.

Our youth are searching for a deeper relationship with God, and you can be part of that growth. With enough volunteers, we should be able to alternate Wednesdays as needed. To be part of this ministry from 6:00-6:30 on Wednesdays, please contact Nancy Spiller at 318-315-2356.

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