July Message from Rev. Coplin & Newsletter


I pray these words find you well! As this particularly warm summer continues to unfold, I write to you with abiding appreciation for your unwavering support of your church, and your excitement for what is yet to come. In these regards, these pastoral letters normally serve as a means of relaying information and updates. However, in the spirit of the relaxed pace that this summer swelter necessitates, we are changing it up a bit.

Summer is a time of change, a season that beckons us to embrace new rhythms in our daily and weekly routines. It is a period when life seems to slow down a bit, and offers us an opportunity to unwind, reflect, and enjoy the blessings of gardens and friends. It is a time for family vacations, leisurely afternoons, and humming air conditioners.

Rather than burdening you with details, updates, and reminders, I have chosen to share something unique-a liturgy tailored specifically for summer and holidays. This liturgy provides a kind of guide to prayer, reflection, and ritual that speaks to God’s grace found in this season. My hope in including these words is that is that you will find solace, renewal, and a deeper connection with the divine in the midst of summer life. May you know the embrace and beauty of rest, rejuvenation, and exploration that summer affords us and may you encounter the divine in everyday ways!


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