November Message from Rev. Coplin & Newsletter

Dear Church,

I pray these words find you well! This new month begins with a sense of thanksgiving for new and exciting things happening among our people. I truly believe God has been inviting us deeper into worship and ministry to our surrounding community.

We closed October together by answering a call to prayer. One way we are helping one another in this endeavor is by setting a daily alarm at noon so that we might pray as a church wherever we are. This prayer initiative allows us to jointly express our gratitude for His many blessings and to pray earnestly for His Spirit to fill our church to overflowing into our surrounding community. My thanks to Bro. Chad for reminding me that prayer is key to seeking God’s vision for our church and participating in His work among us.

This past Sunday, we came together for a long-anticipated church conference, resulting in a unanimous decision to undertake a more streamlined and transparent governance structure. This is a major step towards efficiency and accountability, reflecting our commitment to stewarding the resources and gifts entrusted to us. In the same spirit of unity and responsibility, we voted to allocate the generous bequest from Mrs. Janice Rike to our major repair fund, which will do much to sustain our sizable facilities. The day concluded with a celebratory lunch, which afforded us a purposeful time of fellowship and a fitting end to a significant day.

Looking forward, I envision a church community less bogged down by administrative details and more engaged in vibrant ministry. The change in governance is a foundational step towards this vision, but we turn our attention now to the work ahead of us. In our immediate future, supporting a sustainable budget that aligns with our vision and core values is a challenge we must rise to meet, all while trusting in God’s guidance and provision.

I want to conclude by expressing my heartfelt gratitude for steadfast loyalty and unwavering commitment to our church, come what may. Your dedication is a Godsend to our community. Together, we are taking small steps toward building something that truly reflects God’s Kingdom. I hope you will join me in beginning this new month of thanksgiving with renewed purpose, eager anticipation, and a heart full of praise for the God who sustains and blesses us from His abundance.

Grace and peace,

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